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How to buy Silver Bars

Buying silver is a popular alternative to investing in gold bullion and offers investors the opportunity to learn more about long term investing in bullion. Silver bars can be purchased in both 1kg and 5kg quantities. When you buy silver

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  • 15th Sep, 2014

How to buy Silver

IMGold offers many forms of bullion investment – an example is buying silver online which is a growing and popular investment method. If you buy silver online with IMGold – whether that is in the form of silver bullion bars

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  • 8th Sep, 2014

How to buy Gold Bars

Buying gold has been a popular way of holding wealth for many thousands of years. With IMGold, private investors and individuals are able to buy gold bars which are an attractive, secure and popular method of purchasing gold bullion. IMGold

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  • 18th Aug, 2014