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How to buy Gold Bars

Buying gold has been a popular way of holding wealth for many thousands of years. With IMGold, private investors and individuals are able to buy gold bars which are an attractive, secure and popular method of purchasing gold bullion. IMGold

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  • 18th Aug, 2014

MGP banks IMGold as title sponsor

The Manx Motor Cycle Club, organisers of the Manx Grand Prix has negotiated a title sponsor for the Manx Grand Prix, the first in the event’s ninety-one year history. Isle of Man based IMGold, a gold bullion depository and trading

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  • 3rd Jun, 2014

A quick history of gold

A natural chemical element, gold has been around a lot longer than modern man.  It is assumed the first gold was discovered in nugget form, probably in rivers or streams. But wherever it was found – and it has a

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  • 12th May, 2014