IMGold Manx Grand Prix champions to receive unique solid silver awards

Winners at this year’s IMGold Manx Grand Prix will take home a unique solid silver award presented to them by the event’s title sponsor. Silver ingots in the shape of the Isle of Man will be awarded to winners in every event, and each ingot will be laser-engraved with details of the relevant race. Ingots in the same design will also be awarded to second and third place finishers in the Supertwins, Lightweight, Junior MGP and Senior MGP races.

The innovative prizes have been specially commissioned by IMGold, the Douglas-based gold and silver bullion depository and trading company which is now the Manx Grand Prix’s title sponsor. Ed Pearce, IMGold Managing Director, said:

As the first ever title sponsor of the Manx Grand Prix in its 91 year history we wanted to create a unique award which would reflect the tremendous honour of earning a top three place in such a prestigious event. We are sure that all of the riders who receive these solid silver trophies will treasure them for years to come as a permanent reminder of their achievements.

The ingots – made by Capella Manufacturing – are cast from what is regarded in the bullion industry as ‘pure’ silver. Technically, that means silver with a fineness of 999.9 parts per thousand – the practical limit to which the precious metal can be refined. Riders will receive either 1kg or 500g versions of silver ingots in the same design depending upon the race category and their finishing position. In total, IMGold will present nine 1kg ingots, and six 500g awards.

Winners in the Newcomers A, B and C races will each receive a 500g ingot. First and second place in the Supertwins event will receive a 1kg ingot, while the third place rider will be presented with the 500g award. In the Lightweight category there will be a 1kg award for the winner and a 500g prize for second and third. In both the Junior MPG and Senior MGP races the top three riders will receive 1kg awards.

MGP organisers will still present riders with the traditional trophies, replicas, and medals in all categories.

IMGold, which has vaults located in Victoria Street, is sponsoring the Manx Grand Prix in a multi-year deal starting with the 2014 event. The IMGold Manx Grand Prix is part of the Isle of Man Festival of Motorcycling that also includes the Classic TT, the two-day and Classic Trials and the Vintage Motorcycle Club Rally, and Festival of Jurby. This year’s Manx Grand Prix begins on Saturday August 16 with the first practice session, and racing starts on Monday August 25 with the newcomers competing in three classes. The Junior MGP (Supersport) and Lightweight SuperTwin events are on Wednesday 27th August, and the Senior MGP is on Friday 29th August.

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