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A quick history of gold

A natural chemical element, gold has been around a lot longer than modern man.  It is assumed the first gold was discovered in nugget form, probably in rivers or streams. But wherever it was found – and it has a

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  • 12th May, 2014

The eternal value of gold

Gold has been a means of protecting wealth throughout history. Because of the role it has held for centuries there is now renewed interest in owning the precious metal as the long-term security of banks, currencies, and the property market

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  • 17th Feb, 2014

A Beginner’s Guide To Gold

Interest in owning gold as a form of wealth protection is increasing as confidence in banks, currencies, and the property market continues to be eroded. But if you’re in the market for buying gold bullion for the first time, you

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  • 13th Jan, 2014

Who buys bullion?

Think of individuals who own gold bullion and images of James Bond’s arch enemy Auric Goldfinger may come to mind, or real-life billionaires who live in a world of superyachts and private Islands. It’s a common misconception that only high

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  • 16th Dec, 2013