About Us

IMGold is the trading name of Isle of Man Bullion Ltd. Our operation is based at a secure bullion depository in the heart of Douglas, at the centre of the Isle of Man’s business district – we are open 5 days a week and welcome client visits.

Dealing with IMGold is designed to be as simple as dealing with your bank or building society, but with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your deposits are secured by precious metal. Once you’ve opened an account with us, you may give instructions to buy or sell precious metals at any time – either for delivery, collection, or to add to your vault holding.

Our vaults provide secure and cost effective storage for your bullion, whether it has been supplied by us or not. You are free to trade or increase your holding at any time – and you can do so with peace of mind. You are also free to make physical collection and view your holding.

IMGold deal with allocated bullion only. This means ownership and legal title always remain with the depositor. We supply bullion by recognised refineries – all bars are certificated, uniquely identifiable and remain your property.

The service we provide is straightforward and our fees are transparent. We offer a professional, cost-effective bullion trading service to all our clients.

Why Gold?

Gold has been an effective store of wealth for thousands of years. In times of economic uncertainty, gold has always been considered a safe haven.

It is said though that the underlying value of gold never actually changes – that its price is simply a reflection of the underlying economy. In 1970, for example, one ounce of gold was £30, which would pay for a hand-made suit. This has been the case in each decade since, and today one ounce of gold will still pay for a hand-finished suit. As a limited commodity, gold is not subject to the same inflation that we see in currencies; the government cannot print more gold.

Long-established patterns show that holding gold:

  • stabilises portfolios;
  • provides protection from inflation;
  • has proved an effective long-term strategy.

Why Silver?

Silver has proven to be an extremely versatile metal. Its use in industry ranges from electronics to brazing to chemical production. Its importance has led many to believe it is undervalued, predicting that a rise in value is imminent.

As the popularity of this commodity is increasing more than any other precious metal, there has been unprecedented demand. It is believed that the demand for silver will soon outweigh the supply.

There are many ways to buy into ownership of precious metals – only one has stood the test of time: ownership of the physical metal.